We Stand For

Our vision is to be the bid consultant of choice – helping both large clients and SMEs to maximise their growth potential through winning and delivering major projects, long-term frameworks and securing repeat business.

Our values and ways of working underpin our mission. How our people do things is as important as what they do:

  • 1. We Listen

    We listen carefully to what you want, tailoring our service to meet diverse requirements, cultures and ways of working, rather than adopting a ‘one size fits all approach’. We are also honest and set realistic expectations e.g. identifying a need for additional resource.

  • 2. We Integrate

    We integrate seamlessly into your team, developing close relationships and open communication to embed the expertise of your subject matter experts into the submission, translating technical expertise into a bespoke, compelling narrative.

  • 3. We Support

    We support you by providing a high quality, reliable and proactive service. We help you to solve problems, prepare you for every stage of procurement and go the extra mile, including trying our best to accommodate ‘emergency tenders’ when your resources are under strain.